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About 88% of Americans reported owning a car in 2014. Depending on where you live, your car may be subjected to some seriously snowy weather conditions that can impact visibility, drivability, and overall vehicle safety. Whether you’re trying to find a used car with the best value or are investing in the car you already own, a vehicle equipped with the proper winter features is exponentially safer and easier to drive in inclement weather. Here are just a few important car features all winter drivers should know about.

All-Wheel Drive
This feature is growing in popularity for good reason: it helps keep drivers safe by evenly distributing the vehicle’s power to each wheel and helping maintain traction. Many experts consider 4WD an absolute must during wintery and icy conditions. Some systems even have the ability to cut power from slipping wheels and transfer it instantly to wheels with better traction, minimizing the risk of slipping on ice.

A word of caution, however: while cars with all-wheel drive are great for winter power and navigation, they do make the vehicle much harder to stop. This means that even the most skilled drivers need to be careful when braking, especially in unsafe conditions.

Winter Tires
A car’s tires are extremely important for maintaining traction and ensure a safe driving experience all winter long. Snow tires are designed specifically with winter in mind, meaning they’re equipped with the capability to navigate through snow and ice with a breeze. If you don’t live in an area that gets excessive snowfall, high-quality all-season tires are an adequate alternative as well.

Remote Starter
Remote starters are more of a comfort-based amenity than safety-based, but they do help to make that morning drive through the wintery wonderland a bit more tolerable. Getting a cold car running during the winter isn’t always the easiest task, but with the help of a remote starter, your vehicle will be perfectly warmed and ready to drive at any time. Many manufacturers make these devices on site for both new and used cars, which means they can be fitted to specific cars and be covered under warranties.

Ultimately, being aware of these features can make your winter commute safer and more comfortable all season long. For more information about Buicks and Cadillacs, contact Wackerli GM.

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